Production & Stage Management

We have in depth technical knowledge and experience, which gives us the ability to plan every aspect of a production in great detail. Many years of working at large scale events with tight schedules and budgets have also given us the ability to run events smoothly and on time.

We always use proven and reliable suppliers to ensure a high quality of service.

Production Management services include:

  • Overseeing and managing all stage and associated backstage areas. This includes all planning and budgeting.
  • Drawing up detailed plans of all stage and backstage areas.
  • Specifying sound and lighting systems, stages, pit barriers, etc and obtaining quotes from suppliers. Once quotes have been agreed, and suppliers contracted, detailed specification of all requirements.
  • Ensuring that all staff, suppliers and subcontractors adhere to health and safety law and guidelines, that all work is carried out in a safe manner, and that all stages are safe areas for both crew and members of the public.
    This involves going over site plans in detail, looking at vehicle and crowd movements. Looking at the working practises of all contractors and suppliers and ensuring that safe working practises are carried out on site at all times.
  • Carrying out all technical liaison for all the stages, including between bands, crew, lighting and audio system suppliers and council representatives.
    This involves going over all band hospitality and technical riders in detail, working with hospitality managers and programme managers to ensure that all hospitality riders are met to a reasonable degree, making sure that all technical requirements are met, working with the stage managers, lighting and audio suppliers, producing detailed documentation for the event to ensure that all changeovers run as smoothly as possible.
  • Being the on-site contact for all matters relating to the production of the stages, managing all contractors and staff throughout the event.
  • Working with detailed site plans to work out and order all infrastructure requirements for stages and backstage areas.

Stage Management services include:

  • Managing the stage as a safe working environment.
  • Managing all stage crew, and working with sound and lighting suppliers.
  • Technical liaison between artists crew and sound, lighting and backline suppliers.
  • Ensuring that schedules are adhered to.
  • Ensuring that all artists are given the best possible service.